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020 8519 5234

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Greater Choice & Control

I Can Ventures provide a greater variety of activities than traditional day services. Flexibility is ingrained in our provision as we respond to demand and feedback.

This means people get the services they want, and that service users have a greater say in what they do.

Clients are able to define their own personalised day opportunities, with support and training delivered by specialists.


Better Outcomes

Clients enjoy increased social inclusion and improved health & wellbeing - resulting in enriched lives.

Participants develop enhanced life skills and are able to achieve qualifications.

Our social enterprise businesses provide opportunities for work experience and meaningful employment.

This develops greater independence and more integration within the local community.


More Efficient Delivery Of Services

I Can Ventures represents value for money, enabling clients to get more from personal budgets. This helps Local Authorities address funding cuts in the face of increasing demand.

Our model not only delivers a wider range of activities, but also achieves an increase in quality and choice.

The social enterprise approach ensures sustainability as profits are reinvested into the service.


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