020 8519 5234

020 8519 5234

I Can... choose

You Get: More choice!

I Can Ventures offers a wide range of activities for you to choose from.

You can put together your own personalised timetable, ensuring you get the services you want.


You Get:The right support!

You will be supported by experts, who will use their experience to help you maximise your potential.

Peer to peer support is encouraged. You will have the chance to work with others to learn new skills, socialise and be heard.

Activities are inclusive and support is focused on your individual needs.


You Get:Value for money!

We know you are on a budget, and so we make every effort to provide the maximum "bang for your buck"!

I Can Ventures enables you to spend your money more wisely. You get more for less money - without any reduction in quality.

Planning a long term programme can prove cheaper as well as more beneficial.


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